hair care

To achieve the greatest results it is important that our customers understand proper hair extensions care. Below are instructions on how to care for the different textures. 


Wavy or Curly Textures

With all of our wavy and curly textures it is highly suggested that you shampoo and condition, thoroughly rinse and allow to hang dry from the weft before installing, a light oil such as biosilk or Morrocanoil is recommended for use on the ends. As with your natural hair the more heat use the looser the natural pattern will become, it is recommended to use little to no heat. Bleaching for coloring may alter the wave pattern if over processed and shorten the life of the hair. Always detangle from the ends toward the weft using a wide toothed comb only, Use a vent brush for brushing and detangling when dry. In order to revitalize the natural curl in between washing simply add a little conditioner to water in a spray bottle shake, and spray, scrunch as it drys and always allow to air dry for best results.

For best results

Protect your extensions while you sleep using a bonnet or scarf. In between uses, store your hair after washing and conditioning and allowing it to completely dry, in a dry container. Try not to use excessive heat on any of the textures, instead pin curl, rod set, braid, etc. 


Straight Textures

For our straight textures, you won't need to shampoo before install, however when you do shampoo and condition, be sure to detangle from your hair ends to the weft using a wide toothed comb. Also before flat ironing use either a heat protectant or light oil. When dry detangle using a vent brush. Refrain from using excessive heat.